Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well, plans have a way of changing, and mine are no exception. I left Cameroon early and am now taking it easy in Scarborough. Some of you know I was tentatively planning another tropical expedition unrelated to my research for early this year, but now I don't expect to leave the continent of North America any time soon. When I'll be relocating to Ann Arbor is still unknown, but I expect it will be between May and September 2007.

What will become of this blog? I don't know. Eventually, I will get around to posting more photos of Bangangte here - that's for certain. I might keep it as a regularly updated blog concerning whatever happens to be going on with me: a way to disseminate news. That would require changing some of the blog settings, which is not a big deal. So, we'll see. Thanks for reading so far. (Yes, this photo was taken in Bangangte.)

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Anonymous said...

the pictures are lovely. it always gives me joy to see a bit of the green of southern cameroon. i think your blog should be whatever you dream it to be, but if you are taking suggestions, may i kindly request, MORE PICTURES! i don't care what they say, cameroon is beautiful, people, places, piles of garbage along the road, whatever, i love it all.